Christmas Eve Eve

A friend of mine once told me, "believe in miracles, because they are the magic of Christmas." When he said that, I didn't believe him; life was crap, and I didn't think a simple holiday could change that. Of course, as if to spite me, life immediately got better the day after. That was last year; Brian told me to believe, then the next day admitted he loved me.

I find it slightly ironic - or perhaps just coincidental - that a new beginning should come now, a year after he told me that; that a new beginning should come in the form of something I had thought impossible for over two years. But a beginning came nonetheless, a new hope and light for the winter months, and things just keep getting better.

It's odd, that the smallest actions often mean more than anything else - how a smile from a friend can brighten a day more than a million-dollar gift, or a comforting hug make the darkness vanish when a trip around the world had failed. How the brush of a hand can make the cold retreat, or a friendly wave make the loneliness seem far away. How the sight of a friend and loved one can make even the most horrible day seem worth it - or the most boring day full of miracles. Often, people take these things for granted; I'm proud to say that I usually don't, although that's not through any action on my part: having grown up with few friends, each little action seems all the more precious. But when the holiday season comes, its hard not to realize just how much every little bit means.

Personally, it's the absence of school that makes these things stand out most; school is the one time I usually see my friends, so when the holidays - and winter break - come around, suddenly I'm faced with two weeks where I don't see them every day, two weeks where there's no school to dictate my schedule and ensure I get my daily dose of "friends". I can't help but realize just how much I cherish those ten minutes between classes when my friends and I can chat about whatever comes to mind, or sitting in the back of class passing notes while the teacher lectured. I never really realized how much those moments meant to me, as simple and ordinary as they are.

Okay, I'll end the aimless rant there...basically, life is amazing right now though. =] I kinda want to dance around in the rain, sing like no one's listening, I don't know. Life's just...amazing.

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